MAYAMY brow henna set

MAYAMY brow henna set
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MAYAMY brow henna set

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Brow Henna professional MAYAMY 30 capsules deep black
Brow Henna professional MAYAMY 30 capsules dark brown
Brow Henna professional MAYAMY 30 capsules classic brown
Brow Henna professional MAYAMY 30 capsules light brown
Eyebrow primer 10ml
Eyebrow shampoo 30ml
Eyebrow conditioner 30ml
Eyebrow zone gel 10gr
Fixative lotion 30ml
Mineral aqua 30ml
Cup for the preparation of dye or henna glass 10ml
Angled brush classic
Cosmetic bag with logo innovator Cosmetics black

Due to absolutely natural and easy-to-use nano-capsules, you don't need to deal with inconvenient packaging and your hands wouldnt get dirty. Each jar contains 30 Due to absolutely natural and easy-to-use nano-capsules, you don't need to deal with inconvenient packaging and your hands wouldnt get dirty. Each jar contains 30 capsules (6 grams) of henna of one color, which is enough for up to 90 procedures and a measuring cup for mixing. Detailed instructions you can find on the package. The size of the jars is 5 cm * 7 cm. Long-lasting visual effect persists up to 6 weeks on hairs (up to 2 weeks on the skin). The duration of the effect depends on the individual characteristics of the skin.

Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to prepare the workplace, making sure that all necessary for the
procedure is close to you on a cosmetology table. The room should have comfortable temperature, because the
drying time of the liquid can decrease\increase at too high or too low temperature, what can complicate the
Mayamy Brow Henna

About Product:
Lead and ammonia free.
The content of impurities is less than 3%.
▪ Avoid contact with eyes!
▪ Before use, perform a sensitivity test
▪ Do not use for eyelash tinting
▪ Contraindicated in case of damaged skin in the area of application. Shelf life - 3 years. Store in a cool, dry place inaccessible to children. Protect from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.

Application Instructions
Ensure that the client is not sensitive to the components. To do this, apply a small amount of diluted henna to the elbow 24 hours before the procedure. In case of an allergic reaction, henna must be removed with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.
1. Eyebrow cleansing.
Clean your eyebrow area from makeup and makeup residues with an oil-free makeup remover. Then apply a small amount of Mayamy Brow Henna Eyebrow Scrub in a circular massaging motions. The scrub contains microparticles, which carefully prepare the skin for coloring without injury, and it is suitable even for the most delicate skin.
Then rinse with Mayamy Brow Henna Eyebrow Shampoo. Shampoo ideally prepares eyebrow hairs for applying henna, cleansing of sebaceous gland secretions, thereby degreasing it, and shampoo reveals the scales of the hairs, which allows you to better fill them with pigment. Apply shampoo to wet eyebrows with a cotton swab in a circular motion. Use a damp cotton pad to clean the eyebrows, dry them dry and comb them.
2. Preparation of the composition.
Take one capsule and open it with a “twisting” movement. Pour the necessary amount of henna from the capsule (about 3-4 rice grains) into a measuring cup, which you will find in the package with henna. Close the capsule tightly. It is not recommended to pour henna from capsules into a container. The capsule preserves the quality of henna longer. 1 henna capsule is designed for 2-3 clients. It is strictly forbidden to use metal containers for breeding henna.
Add Mayamy Brow Henna henna mineral solution to the glass (about 3-5 ml) and stir until a homogeneous consistency, which should resemble liquid sour cream. Let it brew for about 5-7 minutes. It is recommended to use the finished composition immediately, do not store. When diluted with ordinary water or using other materials, the claimed effect is not guaranteed!
3. Applying henna.
Outline the staining area. Circle the area around the eyebrows with the Mayamy Brow Henna Zone Gel, which you will find in the large starter kit or the white Mayamy Brow Henna Eyebrow Paste, available separately. A zone gel or paste is used to create a perfect, clear contour of the eyebrows and prevent the henna from staining the skin beyond the intended shape. In trampling movements in a uniform layer, apply henna in a dense layer strictly according to the desired shape so that the henna falls under the eyebrow hairs and stains the skin. It is recommended to apply henna in several layers (2-3 layers). As the first coat dries, apply a second coat of henna, moisturizing the first, then when the second coat dries, apply a third coat of henna. Henna works while it's wet. The total exposure time (from applying the first layer to drying of the last) is about 30 minutes (depending on the type of skin and the desired result). Henna should dry completely and form a dense, dry crust. For application, use a synthetic-bristled brush, which you will find in the Mayamy Brow Henna starter kit.
4. Removal of henna.
After time (it is important that the henna has dried completely), gently soak and peel the henna with moist cotton pads. Do not brush off the henna with a brush or comb. Then rinse your eyebrows with Mayamy Brow Henna special eyebrow conditioner, which gently removes henna residue and covers the hair scales. Apply conditioner to wet eyebrows with a cotton swab in a circular motion. Use a damp cotton pad to clean the eyebrows of the conditioner, then dry them and comb. If henna was not applied carefully or you need to remove excess pigment from your skin, use Mayamy Brow Henna, a henna remover. Apply a small amount to Microbrush and gently wipe the area. Repeat as necessary. Wash off the rest of the product with a damp cotton swab.
5. Completion of the procedure.
Apply Mayamy Brow Henna color fixing lotion to maximize the effect of staining. The procedure for correcting eyebrows is recommended after staining with henna. To decontaminate the skin, use Mayamy Brow Henna cleanser to avoid contact with henna stained eyebrows. Repeated procedure can be carried out every 2 weeks.
The result of staining depends on the type of skin, color type, individual characteristics of the body.
How to keep:
▪ After the procedure, do not wet your eyebrows with water for 24 hours.
▪ Avoid the effect on the eyebrows of aggressive cosmetics (scrubs, peels, alcohol-containing lotions) and steam exposure (baths and saunas).


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