Eldan Oily skin peeling lotion, 250 ml

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The product contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids or Fruit Acids; avoid eye contour and UV exposition; do not apply on babies or children.
On some people, the application can provoke a light irritation that rapidly disappears. If it persist, momentarily stop the use or seek a medical advice.
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For oily/impure skin type


Special fluid containing a combination of acids (salicylic 2%, glycolic 15% and azelaic 10%) that confer to the product exfoliating aesthetical propertis.
Specially formulated for oily/impure skin.

NOTE: Some changes of colour can occur because the products contain raw material of natural origin. This fact does not modify the properties of the product.


On cleansed skin of face and neck, apply thr product with a gauze protecting eye contour area, nose and mouth. Leave on 3 to 5 minutes, then remove the gauze and rinse off the treated zone.
If irriation appear suspend product use or use a neutralizing lotion.


Alcohol denat., aqua/water, glycolic acid, azelaic acid sodium hydroxide, salicylic acid

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