SONISPA 3061 Ultrasonic Beauty Appliance (Personal Use Spatula)

ULTRASONIC Scrubber with led

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SONISPA 3061 Ultrasonic Beauty Appliance (Personal Use Spatula)

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SONISPA 3061 Ultrasonic Beauty Appliance (Personal Use Spatula)


Size: 22 * 7.3* 3cm
N.W.: Massager 190g
Frequency: 23KHz~25KHZ/sec
Operation Mode: Continuous mode and Pulsed mode
Intensity: One Intensity
Standard Accessory: Adaptor
Input/Output: 100-240V AC/ DC 12V, 1A
Safety Design: Shut down automatically after 15 minutes


23~25KHz ultrasound helps to achieve deep the facial cleansing effect.
Different from the lead-in series devices using the longitudinal wave to penetrate into the skin surface, the spatula cleanses the skin surface with the transverse wave to wash out filth or acne from the pores.
100% natural, painless and non-invasive.
How to use:

1. Use the Make-up Remover first if you are wearing a make-up.
2. Cleansing your face to wash out the oily materials on the face.
3. Paste the waterproof tape on the front of the spatula.
4. Spray the cleansing liquid or water on the face.
5. Carry the spatula upward with an angle of 30 to 45 degrees from the skin surface.
6. Spray the proper cleansing liquid or water while use.

Made in Taiwan
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