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Bio Henna Premium blonde, 10 ml

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Bio Henna Premium blonde - 10 ml
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BLOND: One of the most popular color tones for people with blonde hair. Depending on the mixing technology, both bright and natural effects can be achieved.

Instructions for application & technique BioHenna

Before tinting:
Remove make-up;
Comb brow brush;
Make soft peeling on eyebrows;
With gentle movements degrease the area of eyebrows.


Preparation of mixture:
In non-metallic container mix 3-5 drops of distilled water, ambient temperature with henna powder in the ratio 2:1;
Mix thoroughly the resulting composition. If necessary, add water to obtain henna consistency of soy sauce;
Let stand 1 minute consist.

Eyebrow tinting:
The mixture is applied with a thin brush to the skin and hairs strictly inside the eyebrow desirable shape;
Pay attention to the symmetry and clearness of the lines;
For richer and more even result apply several layers of Bio Henna. In this case, it is necessary to wait for a full drying after the previous layer was applied, at least 3 minutes;
Carefully paint over skin, touching hairs (at the thick hairs);
After 10-25 minutes, after a full (!) drying, remove the mixture from skin with a cotton pad with plain water.

Henna is designed for professional use only;
24 hours before to procedure you must do a skin sensitivity test;
Do not use henna on irritated/damaged skin;
It is not recommended to keep mixture more than 1 hour;
Do not use for eyelash tinting;
Avoid contact with clothes;
For tinting use a freshly prepared mixture only;
Keep out of reach of children and pets;
Store in a dry and cool place;
Shelf life: 2 years.

Ingridients: Lawsonia Indian, Lawsonia Iranian, Lawsonia Egyptian, Lawsonia Saudi, Lawsonia of Kenya, Theobroma (family Malvaceae), Indigofera, 2,4-Diaminophenoxyethanol HCL.
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