Charmacademy offers professional training in variouscategories since year 2009.

We offer training in Estonian, Russian and Englishaccording to the program developed by Charmacademy. Training prices don'tinclude taxes.

Education in groups but not more than 3-4 persons are trained at once. Date of training must be booked in advance.

Prepayment fee is 30 EUR. The remaining amount can be paidin cash only. The amounts paid for training prepayment are not refundable!

Please contact or email or phone +37255625260 to get additional information.

International Certificate will be issued aftersuccessful completion of training.

We always reserve the right to change the plan of training, depending on the skills of master and working out possibilities of our program. We will offer you extra time by appointment.

The training program has been prepared Charmkit LTD. An unauthorized use of logos, texts and images is prohibited.

Charmkit Academy reserves the right to make changes inplan of education according to students' needs and opportunities, and informabout through website.



Eyelash Perm Course + iCurl Kit = 95 EUR

Lash Lift Training + Lash Lift Kit =100  EUR

Lash Lamination Training + Lamination Kit = 150 EUR

Lash Botox Training + Lash Botox Kit = 200 EUR

Lash & Brow reconstructing Velvet + Velvet Kit = 250 EUR

Lash & Brow reconstructing Velvet + Velvet Botox 3D Kit = 280 EUR

Eyelash Extension Course 1 day training + Charm Kit = 198 EUR                                                                                

Eyelash Extension Course1 day training + Lash Kit = 136 EUR

Eyelash Extension Course 2 days training + Charm Kit =268 EUR                                                                                

Eyelash Extension Cours 2 days training + Lash Kit = 206 EUR

Hollywood Volume Eyelash Extension Training + Hollywood Kit = 180 EUR

Natural Look Eyelash Extension Training + Natural Kit = 180 EUR

Lower Eyelashes Extension Training + Eye Kit =70 EUR


Eyebrow Architecture and Modelling, Eyelash Tinting Course + iLux Kit = 136 EUR 

Eyebrow Architecture and Modelling, Eyelash Tinting Course + iColor Kit = 115 EUR

It will be added 30 EUR if you wish to learn modeling eyebrows by waxing.

It will be added 40 EUR if you wish to learn modeling eyebrows by BROW HENNA. 

Eyebrow Threading Training + Threading Kit = 110 EUR

Eyebrow Modelling by Henna + CC Kit = 120 EUR

Training Eyebrow Modeling by Henna + BioHenna Kit = 120 EUR

Eyebrow Modeling Training by Henna + Henna Kit = 80 EUR

3D Eyebrow Extension Training + iShapeKit = 180 EUR                            

3D Eyebrow Extension Training + iBrow Kit  = 260 EUR


Natural Teeth Whitening Training + Magic White Kit = 1000 EUR


Micropigmentation Course + Purebeau Kit = 2830 EUR              

3D Eyebrow Micropigmentation training = 450 EUR

3D Lips Micropigmentation training = 450 EUR

3D Eyeshadow Micropigmentation training = 450 EUR

Micropigmentation Removal Course + Purebeau Tattoo Remover = 380 EUR


Pedicure course + Prime Kit 336€

Pedicure course + Pedicure Kit 268€

Manicure course + Prime Kit 336€

Manicure course + Manicure Kit 268€

Gel Polish Course + Mini Kit = 96 EUR

Gel Polish Course + Medium Kit = 136 EUR

Gel Polish Course + Maxi Kit = 168 EUR


Glitter Tattoo Training + Starter Kit = 80 EUR

Glitter Tattoo Training + Deluxe Kit = 160 EUR

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